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      • On A Darker note

        DIATONIC A few years back we were feeling rather dark, war-like... oh yeah, it was the Bush-years! Anyway - in contrast to our usual teletubby color scheme I present a few of the graphic tee relics from that collection - DIATONIC

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      • Quirky Misfits

        Quirky Misfit T-shirts Countless hours in illustrator and photoshop tweaking and hyper-focusing to turn a metaphysically unique metaphor into a visuospatial form - a simple graphic t-shirt. This is a collection of the designs that for whatever reason, have never sold or caught on. Check out our island of Quirky...

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      • Babbling Pontifications...

        Babble Tees began as an arts and crafts project of sorts when a few people got together and joined together their experience in graphic design, fine art and computer technology. They made some creative shirts with this knowledge and people became intrigued. 12 years later Babble Tees is a company...

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      • 35 Graphic Tees For Guys With Obscure Obsessions

        You got that right, buzzfeed. Thanks! Check out this post that we're featured in. http://www.buzzfeed.com/angelamv/35-graphic-tees-for-guys-with-obscure-obsessions

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      • Checkout with Bitcoin using Bitpay!

        Thanks to our ecommerce platform Shopify integrating Bitcoin - we are now able to accept Bitcoin payment immediately via BTC, this will save any delays you have when paying with us using Bitcoin!

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